Office Manager (Covington, LA)

Office Manager - Covington, LA

This individual will work with Management to insure smooth operation of the Specialty Branch. The Office Manager will process AP approved by management, assist with the collection of account receivables and verify rental contracts are completed and properly executed. The office manager will assist with the dispatching of equipment through coordination with the branches and arrange hauling. The office manager will assist in obtaining proper insurances from customers and follow up on getting new policies as existing ones expire. As new customers are established by the sales team, the office manager will obtain completed credit applications and follow up on timely processing. This individual will field calls from customers or prospects, gather basic information and attempt to assist with the inquiries. When appropriate, the office manager will refer calls to the proper salesman or manager. Monthly, the office manager will gather call information and lost sale / rent information from management and salesman and combine in one report to be analyzed by management. This individual will work with Scott branches to prepare a weekly inventory of the Specialty rental fleet. The inventory status will then be presented and reviewed by management. This individual will track preventive maintenance schedules for the rental fleet and update management on fleet needs. This individual will work with the inventory department to warranty register all new equipment and to ensure that all on-road trucks have proper license, title, and registration. This individual will be responsible for working with the Scott branches to inbound and outbound equipment in a timely manner. This process includes getting a detailed inspection report on each piece of equipment from the inbounding branch and a quote for any damages. When quotes for damages are received, the office manager will present the quote to Management for approval. Once approved, the office manager will monitor the service work order’s progress and update management with any concerns or delays. This individual will assist with coordinating service calls on rental machines and monitor back ordered parts. The office manager will assist with communicating all costs to customers related to rental contracts, damages, excess cleaning costs, etc. This individual must be open to travel for training, trade shows, etc.



Bachelor’s Degree

Accounting and/or Financial Analysis background preferred

Strong Computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Office Suites

Excellent communication skills

Detail oriented


*This position will evolve with experience.


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