Master Technician Certification Program

Master Technician Certification Program and Scott Equipment Commitment to Customer Service Excellence

Master Technician Certification Program

As part of our on-going commitment to customer service excellence, Scott Equipment together with Toyota Industrial Equipment is pleased to offer the Master Technician Certification Program. The Program was developed as a training tool to deliver well-trained, efficient and technically competent service technicians, ensuring continued excellence in customer satisfaction.

Baton Rouge, LA service technician Alan Blount was recently recognized as the first Scott employee to meet the Silver Level requirements of this program. With over ten years of experience with forklift service, Blount agrees that Toyota’s service training is more in-depth than most, “the tests are a little tougher”, he laughs. Since beginning the program, Alan has visited the Toyota plant in Indiana several times in order to complete the courses.

Always up for a challenge, Alan started at the bottom and has been working his way up in finding solutions to best fit his customer’s needs. With long-term plans to ultimately achieve the next level in the training, his next step is Silver Certification in IC (Internal Combustion). When asked about his approach with the program, Blount cautioned against hurrying through things, adding that it is best to “slow down and look at the basics”.

The Master Technician Certification Program, available to all employees, serves as an invaluable tool in helping to further educate technicians in keeping up with new equipment and evolving technology. Division Manager Lance Landeche echoes this sentiment adding that, “techs need to have the tools and knowledge to get the job done and this program really helps”.

In a recent employee survey when asked how the motto, “People Are Important” is related to his job, Alan responded that Scott always “makes you want to do a better job”, truly a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence within all departments of our equipment business. With such dedicated employees, Alan Blount and others continue to pave the way for Scott technicians.