Scott Equipment Shows Scouts Equipment

New Orleans Area Cub Scouts Get “Forklift Certified”

New Orleans area Cub Scouts got hands-on experience with the life-size versions of their Matchbox® cars, with the help and supervision of Scott employees at the St. Rose location of Scott Equipment.

“At Scott Equipment, we love being a part of our community, and we believe first and foremost that ‘People Are Important,’” said Brooke Naquin of Scott Equipment. “Partnering with organizations like the Boy Scouts, we can help kids learn and have some fun – and we have fun too!"

The participating scouts, aged 6-7 years old, already had some interest in heavy machinery – so to them, Scott was the perfect playground. Under the watchful eyes of Scott employees and chaperones, the scouts learned the mechanics of a forklift and took turns sitting in the driver’s seat, sporting huge smiles. Facilitators also led them through a training exercise, just as if they were new employees, but on a smaller scale: Each scout took a turn operating a remote-control forklift through an obstacle course, testing their skills by driving to the loading dock, picking up a petite pallet and driving the forklift back to the racking area for storage. They earned “Certificates of Completion” and perhaps a job interview in the next 20 or so years.

“At the Boy Scouts we’re about hiking, camping and the outdoors, but scouting is also about experiencing a career or business firsthand. It was great to show the kids what it would be like to work at Scott Equipment one day,” said Reed Barnes, Cub Scout den leader.

The den is part of Pack 267 from St. Rose, La., and is chartered through the American Legion in St. Rose. The scouts attend St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School in Destrehan, La., and St. Rose Elementary School.

“They had a real blast driving the miniature forklift to get their safety permits, but I think the highlight of the day was getting to honk all the horns on the equipment,” Barnes added. “Boys will be boys!”


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