Scott's Partnership with LGBarcus

Scott's Partnership with L.G. Barcus


Construction company LGBarcus is known for the large scale work it does throughout the United States. Bridge replacement, railroad & dam construction, sheeting and shoring are among the behemoth work the family owned company will typically count amongst its projects.

When the company recently took on a local New Orleans development project, LGBarcus called on Scott Equipment for its heavy equipment needs. LGBarcus employee, Belynda has done business with Scott throughout the years and relies on the brand for bringing a very specific piece of equipment she sometimes has difficulty locating. “The 10k and 12k telehandlers are tough to find & Scott came through in providing them”, says Belynda. In addition to the telehandler, LGBarcus has three excavators on lease, which Scott provided.

When asked why Belynda relies on Scott, she counted employee Karen Dimitri as an asset of the business, saying that “Karen is an extremely knowledgeable partner in the construction industry”, a testament to the Scott promise of excellence in customer service.

New Orleans is currently experiencing a development building “boom” due to its weathered infrastructure and injurious damages that resulted from hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Scott Equipment remains pleased to continue their partnership with LGBarcus in support of recent infrastructure improvement in the New Orleans area and beyond.