Heavy Equipment Repair

In this business, downtime is everything.

When you need a repair, Scott Equipment is there. We have 200 factory-trained technicians who take pride in getting the job done quickly and efficiently – the first time. From a basic tune-up to a complex job, the Scott team delivers. What’s more, we offer call-out service around the clock.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance and other agreements are in place to keep the customer’s cost down and reduce the chances of downtime.

We have different types of agreements that can be used based on the individual customer needs. Some customers do not sign a "formal agreement." Basically, a customer will call after X amount of hours on the machine in order for it to be serviced. Some stores have product support reps who go out in the field when a customer first gets a machine to ensure they have the right contact for service and sign any paperwork that is necessary.

Equipment Inspections

When machinery comes into the shop, or a tech goes out to a unit in the field, they will perform a walk-around inspection. In addition to the customer’s initial concern, the service tech will determine if anything else needs to be repaired. We will then provide an estimate to the customer for the repair. We normally do monthly and yearly inspections on the machines. We are able to do yearly OSHA inspections on cranes. If a plant or customer requests more frequent inspections, we can handle that.

Insurance Quotes

Customers are responsible for submitting insurance claims. You don’t, however, have to purchase the equipment from us in order for us to work on it. We will use our extensive network of resources to get your unit back up. If you need a tech on site, we try to be out there the same day or the following morning.

List of Services We Provide

  • > Nonstop Shop
  • > Fully equipped repair shops
  • > 24 hours a day/7days a week
  • > Welding
  • > Painting
  • > Repairs
  • > Insurance jobs
  • > Everything from a small paint repair to a complete overhaul

Equipment Certification

OSHA Crane Certification can be conducted yearly for cranes only.