Strong Relationships Mean Higher Productivity

With Scott Equipment, Strong Relationships Mean Higher Productivity

“On fire” is how location manager Bobby Cyrus describes the current economy in Nashville, and he’s thankful his team at the Nashville Scott Equipment store has the skills and motivation to respond.

“We could have the best resources, programs and equipment, but without quality people everything’s useless,” Cyrus attested. “From front to back, this is an amazing group.”

Scott salesman Chris Flake agrees and attributes the store’s growth to the strength of the relationships among customers as well as coworkers: “The staff gets along well and we talk to each other outside of work hours; being part of Scott is not just an 8-5 thing,” Flake explains, “As a company, we put in the time to make sure our customers are comfortable with us and satisfied with our equipment and service.”

The relationship with Scott came in handy last year when Resource Management Company, Inc. (RMC), a middle Tennessee contractor, needed to excavate 40 feet deep for an underground parking garage. And they needed to do it fast.

RMC owner Mike Johnson called Flake, his longtime salesman, because he knew he could depend on Scott’s people in addition to the equipment. “Scott has done a really great job of being a partner over the years,” Johnson explained, “They find us quality machines that are in our budget and we trust their service department. We never have to worry about not getting back to work.”

Flake and his team found a used Volvo 460 excavator that increased RMC’s productivity by 25-40 percent on that excavation and on many of their subsequent jobs.

On the relationship Scott Equipment has fostered with his company, Johnson mused: “We deal with a lot of dealerships but if we had to pick one to work with, it would always be Scott.”