Why People Are Still Important.

Why People Are Still Important.

“People are Important” – this venerable slogan has been the motto of Scott Equipment since its inception. Company founder, Tom Scott, built his business on the foundation of customer and community service, citing that “our customers are the biggest asset we have”. This motto still resonates over 76 years later. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by an independent research firm, Market Dynamics Research Group, an overwhelming number of respondents cited their relationships with Scott employees as the number one reason why they continue to do business with the company. Quality people and relationships remain the cornerstones of the company, and the long-time multigenerational repeat customers stand as the ultimate testament to that tenet.

Tom Scott’s legacy and the Scott Equipment commitment to excellence in customer service continues today. One area where Scott stands head and shoulders above its competition is in its repair and services department offerings. Each piece of Scott equipment is guaranteed to be backed by the option of service, repairs and maintenance. With over 200 factory-trained technicians, Scott delivers service repairs in a manner that is fast and efficient, eliminating downtime. One construction/crane customer recently offered the following: “Our industry demands 24/7 service, and if an issue arises, we need to be able to pick up the phone and get assistance in solving the problem. That’s where Scott does an excellent job”.

Excellence in customer service extends to every touch point of the Scott Equipment business; whether they’re in sales, rental, service or parts, each and every employee lives and breathes Tom Scott’s original words of wisdom. In a recent employee survey of over 85 Scott employees, when asked “What does the Scott motto ‘People Are Important’ mean to you?” many responded that the customer was always top priority. Anticipating a client’s needs and “working to find a meaningful solution” to customer issues also dominated the majority of sentiment from employees. Similarly popular were answers referencing a golden rule approach, to always treat others with courtesy and respect. Another employee survey respondent reinforced the sentiment, saying, “Personnel are the greatest asset of any company”, while another added, “After 36 years of employment with Scott, at work or at home, they are not only my employers, they are my family”.

While many things change over the course of 76 years, Scott Cummins, current president of Scott Equipment and grandson of founder Tom Scott, acknowledges that many of the founding principles of the business are kept in practice today. “My grandfather taught us all to treat customers like family and always take care of their needs; and while technology has also changed the dynamic of business, we want to always connect personally in order to build and foster lasting relationships.”

Over the years the Scott Equipment business has shifted and evolved, coming from its humble beginnings with just 10 employees in 1939 to a staff of now over 500. Retention at the company remains exceedingly high for a brand of its size. CEO Jim Bershen has been with Scott Equipment for over 57 years. In most locations, several employees have 20-plus career years.

Perhaps Mr. Scott was onto something back in those early days. The idea “People Are Important”, and the culture of service stemming from that belief, not only continues to apply to customers, but also continues to apply to employees. Respect, courtesy and reinforcement of the “People Are Important” philosophy lives on and continues as the driving force of business longevity and the success of the Scott Equipment brand.